Community Connections for Inquiry

  • We called the mountaineer and had a journalist come in to teach students how to write an article and tell another person's story. Then students went into the role of a journalist and interviewed each other, using the 5 W's.

  • Science (Gr. 4 Plant Growth & Changes) we joined to grow compare the growth between tomatoe seeds from space and those from Earth. We compared our growth changes to those across Canada. To better learn how to grow tomatoes we took a trip to the local green house, discussed and asked questions about plants. We looked at different plant varieties and were able to dissect a tomatoe plant.

  • Science (Wetlands) we ordered the watershed toolkits from Alberta Environment council. The kits contain small beakers, acidity and oxygen tablets, pencils and small booklets for documenting findings. Students take the role of an environmental scientist. Once students were finished we compiled their results and shared the results on-line with the Environmental Council. Current website is not working. I will post when it becomes available.

  • Our grade four class went to Museum School. They had a great time and learned a great deal. This covers so much of the grade four curriculum. The contact person is: Jean-Marie MasonResearch and Public Programs
    Rocky Mountain House Museum Phone 403.845-2332
You can also contact our grade four teacher who participated in the program anytime in late November regarding the planning etc. for this experience. Her name is Cheryl Kalev and she is listed in our email directory.